How to Fortify Your Home for SHTF

If you are preparing for the worst and you, like many others, believe that the end is coming, then you will want to do everything in your power to be prepared for it.

You might have what seems like endless supplies of food and water, and everything else that you can think of to keep you alive, but you will also need to make some home improvements. 

To truly be covered for every SHTF possibility, you will need to fortify your home so that you can be fully prepared for any situation that might arise. 

If the apocalypse is coming, then you need to be ready to face anything that comes your way. Thankfully for you, there are lots of things that you can do in and around your home to make sure that you are properly safe and secure. 

The last thing you need is a group of bandits turning up at your home and taking everything you have in a desperate attempt to stay alive. Fortifying your home will offer you that extra bit of protection that can keep you safe in a dire situation. 

Of course, you will need to do all of this preparation before SHTF; otherwise, you are going to be putting yourself in a really tricky situation when it does.

So, if you are wondering how to fortify your home for when this situation arises, look no farther. We will tell you all the ways in which you can do so below. 

Don’t Tell Anyone What You Have

The first thing that you need to make sure that you do is to keep your lips sealed about all of the precautionary measures that you have put in place, even from your friendly neighbor Dave. That is unless you decide to let him in once the S does hit the fan.

Other than those who live in your home or those you will house once the end is near, nobody can know about your supplies, equipment, or fortifications. This will make you a sitting duck, just waiting for those who are in the know to come and rob you of all your glory.

If one person knows, they will likely tell others, and before you know it, they are at your door. Desperate times make people do crazy things, and you do not want to be the target once this craziness is unleashed. 

Stand Guard

If everyone in the house is sleeping all at the same time, then you might as well put a sign up saying ‘come take our stuff’. There should always be one or more people watching guard at all times, just in case someone on the outside tries to do something stupid.

In order to keep yourself and everyone else safe, you will need to be watching and waiting for something to happen. You need to be ready for when attackers come, not waking up when they have already made their way into your home, by which point, it might be too late. 

Create a Perimeter

There might come a time when people try to take what you have from you by force, but why make it easy for them? It is probably a good idea to find a way to fortify the perimeter of your home to make sure that they can’t simply walk into your property and attack.

Take the time to build a fence that surrounds your home. Not only will this add additional safety measures, but it might even deter others from trying to attack.

However, you should also be mindful that it makes it pretty clear that you have stuff that is worth guarding. This is why you should try and build a fence that blends in with its surroundings. A tall and strong wooden fence is probably your best bet. 

Security Cameras or Motion Sensors

One way of the best ways to help you to see when others are approaching is to set up security cameras around your home.

Though, these are going to be of no help if the electricity goes down and you don’t have an additional power supply, like a generator.

You can also get motion sensor lights that are powered by solar power, and these lights can help to give away the location of any attackers. 

Fortify Your Doors and Windows

The best doors to have in your home are those that are metal-insulated or made from solid wood. These are going to be the most long-lasting and practical in a survival situation if someone were to break into your house.

You can also opt to install door jammers that can come in handy when giving you some extra time to escape or come up with a plan. You can also reinforce any doors that are not being used with barricades. However, be mindful not to trap yourself inside your home, just in case you need to escape. 

You can also fortify your windows by keeping them locked to avoid intruders letting themselves in throughout the night. You can also use a security film that prevents the glass from completely shattering, making it more difficult for the attackers to get in. 

Additionally, you can choose to board up the windows using burglar bars or planks of wood, as these will stop anyone from being able to come in through the window at all. You can even get bars with a quick and easy release, so you can still get out from the inside if you have to. 

Be Ready for an Attack

You should always assume the worst in order to be able to properly protect yourself.

Even if you are lucky enough to survive the end of the world as we know it without being attacked, being prepared can do you no harm.

It is essential to have some form of protection with you, whether these are household objects, weapons, or even baseball bats, just in case intruders do make their way into your home. 

Always have someone on guard, checking the perimeter and making sure that everything is safe and ready. You never know what could happen when the SHTF, so you should always be ready.

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