Best Tactical Belt

Tactical belts have been used for thousands of years. Roman Legionaries originally wore them to carry swords and hold food and other battlefield essentials. They called this belt a cintus, although the more decorative “cingulum” was worn by soldiers of a higher rank.

Even though they’re used in a very different way today, they’re still super useful to some people. If you’re looking for something a little more than a simple rigger’s belt, you may consider opting for an all-out tactical belt to keep you prepared for any situation. 

A “tactical” belt nowadays is pretty much any belt that’s made with strong webbing and marketed to either the gun community or the prepping community.

During wartimes, tactical belts were essentially just a strong belt that was part of the combat uniform, but you could store various mission-related possessions in it. Some of these include a canteen, water, weapons and ammunition, a radio, and food. 

Nowadays, it's just a utility belt used by soldiers, law enforcement, and prepping enthusiasts. Today's "tactical belt" can be loosely described as a nylon web belt. This belt is mostly made with strong nylon webbing and durable hardware, typically either of a simple lock buckle or quick-release buckle.

Best Tactical Belt

There are plenty of different design features that you can pick and choose from, however, you'll find that some belts have certain features and others don't. For example, some tactical belts have a V-ring used in cargo rigging, and others don't.

Some can have a velcro liner belt, others come without. Ultimately, it all adds up to the same thing; a military-style belt made of strong nylon webbing. How tactical is it for prepping purposes? Read on to find out.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best tactical belts on the market right now and how they can assist you when prepping. Be sure to read on to our handy Buyers’ Guide to find out what makes a tactical belt a great one.

Too busy preparing for the end of the world as we know it? Not to worry- here’s a quick link to our favorite tactical belt on the market right now and a few reasons why we think you’ll love it.

Fairwin Tactical Rigger Belt

  • Dimensions: L 45”, W 1.5”
  • This belt fits people with a 30”-36” waist
  • Military-grade V-rigger belt, perfect for practicing preppers
  • Quick-release metal buckle
  • Buckle re-locks on its own
  • Can hold up to 500kg of equipment 
  • Durable design that is strong yet gentle on skin
  • 2-year warranty and guarantee included


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Taking the top spot on our list is this tactical rigger belt from a brand called Fairwin. It caught our eye due to its thousands of positive Amazon reviews from happy customers.

It’s easy to see why this belt was so well received, as it’s the perfect tactical belt for preppers and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg!

This is a military-grade V-ring rigger belt that comes complete with a one-second quick-release buckle, making it perfect for combat and prepping.

The belt itself measures 45” in length, 1.5” in width and fits waists measuring between 30” and 36”. The belt is made from high-quality, fast-drying, and sustainable 1000D nylon which is durable yet gentle on any exposed skin. 

The buckle of this belt is military-grade and has been constructed from solid metal. It even has a convenient V-ring which allows you to attach possessions and accessories, without the risk of losing them during conflict or bugging out.

The buckle is fitted with quick release technology that is activated by pushing two golden tabs down simultaneously. If only one tab is pushed down, the buckle will still hold and fully re-lock on its own.

Be aware that the maximum bearing weight of this belt is 1100lb/500kg, however, this should be plenty for training and prepping purposes.

This tactical belt even comes with a 2-year warranty and a 60-day hassle-free returns policy. There’s even a handful of different color options available and this belt is suitable for use by men, women and children. 


  • Has a military-grade V-ring for holding necessary equipment
  • Can hold up to 500kg of equipment and goods
  • Made from a durable, high-quality nylon material
  • Safety lock contraption fitted on the buckle to prevent accidents
  • 2-year warranty and 60-day guarantee included 


  • Some reviewers mentioned that they wish the belt was a little thicker


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Next up has to be this tactical belt made for men by a brand called Bestkee.

We love this belt due to the fact that it’s made from tactical-grade nylon. You can even customize the thickness to increase durability and sturdiness.

Compared to your average leather belt, a good-quality nylon belt won’t crack and disintegrate over time.  The length of this belt measures at 49”, the width is a reasonable 1.5” and it’s suitable for waists measuring 46” and below.

The manufacturer claims that this nylon belt is soft, gentle, and comfortable, even on exposed skin. This makes it perfect for emergency bug-out situations when you may not have time to completely gear-up, simply grab your belt and go. 

Much like our previous option, the Bestkee tactical belt also features an intelligent quick-release belt buckle.

The buckle is made from solid metal and can be released by pushing down the two gold tabs. Just pushing one gold tab won’t open your belt, keeping it securely locked.

This belt comes with super cool freebies too, including a tactical molle key ring holder and a tactical molle pouch. These are helpful for keeping essentials on your belt. 


  • Made from tactical-grade 1.5”-thick nylon
  • Soft and gentle yet durable and strong
  • Intelligent, quick release belt buckle automatically locks
  • Keyring holder and tactical pouch included


  • The buckle is a little on the heavy side


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Next is this tactical nylon belt from JUKMO. The belt strap itself is made from a high-quality nylon material that has plenty of stretch, making it easier to put on and more comfortable to wear than ordinary leather belts.

The belt has been specifically designed to be used over long periods of time, so it’ll never cause you any painful friction burns or lose rigidity over time.

The manufacturer claims that this belt is suitable for military use, police use, firefighter use, work use, sports use, and tactical use.

The buckle of this belt is made from an aluminum alloy construction and has a simple user-friendly design. This heavy-duty buckle has great load-bearing capacity and also features the same gold tabs that the previous belts have.

These gold tabs make sure that your belt simply can’t just come undone and fall off, the removal of the belt is always deliberate.

There are gift options available for this belt, so you can choose to have it wrapped for that special prepper in your life. The manufacturer also promises a lifetime warranty for your peace of mind.


  • Made from high-quality nylon that is durable yet comfortable
  • Less rigid than leather belts
  • Heavy-duty aluminum alloy buckle
  • The buckle has gold tabs to prevent accidents
  • Lifetime warranty included


  • The belt loop is rather small


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This next belt is yet another tactical belt made by the brand Fairwin. However, this one is their Nylon Ratchet Web Belt model.

This is a brand new addition to their tactical belt collection, and it’s worth including in this list. The belt adopts a horizontal grain design without the need for a hole and spring snap.

This design means it is unlikely for it to come undone under a strong pulling force. The belt itself measures 4.4 x 4.4 x 1.8 inches and weighs in at a moderate 7.2 ounces.

The buckle features electroplating coloring instead of inkjet painting to avoid the problem of discoloration and fade while improving the texture and gloss of the buckle.

It’s also made from solid metal construction, so it’s unlikely to ever break. This belt also comes with a lifetime warranty. 


  • Brand new innovative design
  • Horizontal grain design eliminates the need for a hole spring and snap
  • Electroplated buckle coloring improves longevity and appearance
  • Lifetime warranty included


  • The back of the buckle can dig into your waist causing pain and discomfort


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Our final addition to this list is this tactical belt for men made by a brand called IDEATECH. This belt is made with a heavy-duty metal buckle and abrasion-resistant nylon webbing.

The quick-release design buckle can withstand multiple uses without wear and allows for easy fitting. The thickened webbing is made of high-strength 1000D nylon material, a popular choice for tactical belts. 

The maximum load of the entire belt is up to 1100lb/500kg and it can support heavy objects without changing shape.

This belt comes with a free tactical pouch and 2 free tactical hooks. These accessories are great for prepping, training, and drills as they can hold cell phones, keys and other small tactical tools. 


  • Made from high-quality 1000D nylon
  • Quick-release buckle system
  • Heavy-duty metal buckle
  • Tactical pouch and 2 tactical hooks included


  • The buckle can be too wide to fit through belt loops

Best Tactical Belt Buying Guide

To find the right tactical belt for you, consider what kind of missions you'll be using it for. If you're just looking for a belt for concealed carry, you may not need a lot of additional features.

Tactical operations and field missions are more likely to require D-rings, metal buckles, and other high-quality features to easily and comfortably hold all your gear. Here are a few things you should consider before making a purchase:


Most tactical belts are made from nylon, but not all are strong and durable. Look for belts with reinforced stitching and heavy-duty strength. Some belts are even made with multiple rows of reinforced stitching for added strength and stability.

Nylon is great because it dries quickly, whether it’s rain or sweat. It's also a breathable material and tear-resistant. While there are some good leather "gun belts" on the market, tactical belts are on a whole other level. We recommend staying away from leather tactical belts.


A tactical belt's rigidity is what makes it capable of carrying so much heavy equipment on it without twisting, rolling, or pinching. But if you buy one that is a little too rigid, you'll probably be sacrificing comfort.

The rigidity of the belt you pick will depend on how much equipment you plan to carry at any given time.

If you only plan on carrying a 2-pound pistol, you won't need as rigid of a belt as you would when carrying a bigger pistol, extra magazines, a flashlight, and other essentials. Often wider belts are more rigid, but that's not always the case.

Be aware, however, that wider belts are less likely to twist and sag.


If you end up buying a tactical belt with a weak buckle, you’ll never be completely content with it. Most belts have a metal buckle- usually made from steel or aluminum.

For adjustability’s sake, don’t even look at tactical belts with holes, as they can’t be micro-adjusted for the perfect fit, no matter how hard you try. We recommend investing in a good nylon belt that is rigid enough to hold your equipment safely and feels comfortable. 

What can I put on my tactical belt?

There are many uses for a tactical belt, hence their popularity in military environments and during wartimes. However, they’re also loved by prepping enthusiasts worldwide.

You may be wondering what equipment a prepper may need to store on their tactical belt, here are a few ideas:

  • A canteen with food or water
  • A knife sheath for wilderness survival
  • A pistol holster if you prefer to arm yourself
  • A radio/telephone device to keep in contact with the rest of your team or for emergency situations
  • A chest holster
  • Keys for bug-out vehicles/residences 

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